What We Mediate

Couples can use our family mediation service to negotiate with one another on a wide range of issues, including:

Any couple with a specific issue that needs to be resolved may use our services, whether or not they are married or in a civil partnership, whether or not they have children, and whether or not they are living together. We offer child-focused mediation, that is mediation limited to issues relating to the children, and also all-issues mediation, that is mediation including financial matters.

'Clients using all-issues mediation were more likely to have reached agreements at the time of their divorce and their arrangements appeared to have survived better than those that were exclusively child-focused. Even so, the ability to arrive at an agreement through mediation appears to be more important in leading to positive outcomes than the type of mediation that couples attend. This research shows that reaching an agreement can have a significant impact on the quality of life following a divorce, reducing the acrimony and distress felt by children as well as their parents.'

Prof. Janet Walker co-author of the Joseph Rowntree research study ‘The longer-term impact of family mediation’

Turner & Johnson Mediation